PROUD TO BE UNIQUE we are the meeting place for sustainability experts.

Our professional stories have crossed paths and led us here, where we can share the methods and tools needed to take on the challenge facing all of us: Creating a more sustainable future.

Our group is a multidisciplinary team of technically oriented professionals with a wide variety of skills: engineers, industrial technologists, chemists, physicists, materials experts, researchers, economists, managers and consultants.

We work in companies and universities and have made the choice to integrate sustainability tools into our professional career paths.

We base our choices on objective data, and the tool we cannot do without is life cycle assessment (LCA). Indeed, we are committed to making a contribution to improving LCA and all the tools that help to make tangible and transparent decisions in the field of sustainability.

Though Mapping Sustainability, a non-profit organization, we undertake to spread our concrete vision and approach to sustainability, as well as to offer specialized information and knowledge to those who share our vision.

Mapping LCA is the operations group we have created to share our projects. The purpose of Mapping LCA is to show our commitment through the range of services provided that make use of LCA as a strategic and operational tool accessible to all companies.

Our history
Mapping Sustainability

Mapping LCA
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"The real journey of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”
Marcel Proust



Our projects speak for us. is the site where our professional history is told through the projects we have carried out over the last twenty years. is also the meeting place where we want to show our commitment and share our growth story on the road to sustainability.

MAPPING LCA - Materials Processes Plants and Innovation Goals with LCA - stands for actual engagement In the work of companies, processes and plants, through the application of life cycle assessment while combining innovation with sustainability.

All our projects are consistent with the idea behind Mapping LCA and testify to our values.

We firmly believe that working towards a sustainable future enables companies to be more competitive and to innovate by creating value for their businesses. We believe that, to achieve these excellent results, it is essential to increase the skills and competencies in companies and, especially, to assist management in developing a new strategic vision of sustainability.

In all our projects, we are committed to make change really happen and to help companies become independent key players in their own sustainability journeys.

Project timeline

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be”
William Shakespeare


Mapping Sustainability is responsible for the content of the scientific communication page.

Mapping Sustainability is a non-profit organization whose aims and purposes include: the dissemination of knowledge, the assessment of environmental performance and ecodesign, and the illustration of the potential of green product development and green marketing strategies; raising awareness of and training on the Life Cycle Assessment approach to sustainability; scientific research on materials and processes, including recycling and reuse; theoretical and practical training aimed at improving the  methodological and ethical quality of research on environmental issues; and the dissemination of independent information on efficacy, adequacy and safety of environmental labelling programmes, so that citizens and society can make shared and informed decisions.

In order to achieve these goals, Mapping Sustainability promotes, manages and collaborates on educational, recreational and cultural initiatives through meetings and events of a multi-purpose nature. It organizes targeted initiatives such as workshops, internships, exhibitions, courses, seminars and other types of events, in order to create social get-togethers, informational gatherings and scientific knowledge sharing sessions.

To fully accomplish its objectives, Mapping Sustainability produces and sells publications related to its research, development and innovation activities.

Particularly noteworthy is the website, a multimedia information platform where the organization promotes a Life Cycle Thinking approach and makes freely available selected competent information on the environmental management of products and processes. Additionally, the site illustrates the evolution of the green approach by presenting case histories with examples of best-practices in Life cycle thinking, and selects and suggests the relevant scientific material on the subject.

Mapping Sustainability

“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so”
Galileo Galilei


The services page of is managed by Quota Sette S.r.l., which has the role of providing fee-based services, among which:

• LCA and ecodesign consulting
• Comparative LCA studies
• Environmental communication
• Assistance in the application of GRI Standards
• Third-party control and assurance of LCA studies

Support is provided by experts with different professional backgrounds and with complementary competencies, so that any kind of project can benefit from our consulting services.

mappinglca.comoffers a subscription that covers not only the services but also the use of LCA modelling software and a personal cloud space for the storage of the subscriber’s projects.

The services can be accessed online, and booking is made easy by an efficient automated appointment system.

Access to the service area is reserved for subscribers only. After entering the service area, subscribers can log into their personal areas and publish their own projects on a dedicated public page. For information on subscriptions, please fill in the form. services are intended for people who already have basic knowledge of LCA methodology.

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"The only sustainable competitive advantage is the ability to learn and change faster than the others”
Philip Kotler


The adventure began ten years ago with a challenge: to build the necessary competencies on sustainability issues within companies themselves.

Every company deserves to be the builder of its own path to a sustainable future. But for that to become a reality, companies must acquire new competencies at every organizational level. was established to help companies acquire independence in the use of the tools available to them, first of all, life cycle assessment. Learning the basics of life cycle thinking is the starting point of the journey.

From the very beginning, we have been developing methods to prepare technicians with the right qualifications and train managers who want to work on sustainability issues. Our courses combine theory and practice sessions conducted under the guidance of a coach to facilitate the learning process, so that the participants are ready to develop their first projects for their companies during the course.

Many of our course participants have joined, and their projects can be accessed from the Projects page.

Here are some of the courses available:
• Accelerated LCA Expert (a master's level course lasting about eight months that allows the course members to obtain Expert qualification).
• Accelerated LCA for Engineers
• Environmental Strategy for Managers

Our history

“Success is having the right skills at the right time”
Henry Ford


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Our history
Mapping Sustainability

Mapping LCA
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